Smoother Sailing with the Faster Cache for WordPress

The Faster Cache

Meet the only caching solution for WordPress with hassle-free adaptive expiry. The plugin is ready now for publishing to the wider world under the tender loving care of a new developer or development team looking to acquire a high performance caching solution.

The Faster Cache for WordPress introduces adaptive cache expiry to bring the performance of file-based caching systems to a whole new level. Where the familiar caching systems for WordPress require an administrator to make an intelligent guess at an efficient cache life in view of their site’s level of traffic, frequency of change, and underlying server power, the Faster Cache monitors activity continually, adjusting cache life dynamically to offer tailored real world performance demonstrably different from what the usual plain static cache can muster.

Read more about the plugin below, or head straight for the contact page if you’d like to get in touch.

Under the Hood and More

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