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Photo by Wiertz S├ębastien - //
Photo by Wiertz S├ębastien -

Get in touch to learn more about the Faster Cache or to make an offer to purchase and take over the plugin — or follow some links to read a bit about me.

Learn More or Make an Offer

If you believe you’re the right developer or team of developers to publish the Faster Cache plugin and bring it to a wider audience, just click below to get in touch with your purchase offer or to learn more. Be sure to stop by the main Greg’s Plugins site to see the full portfolio of plugins, both publicly released and unreleased, which are now for sale.

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Author Background

A little more about me is available from the main plugin site. My background as an investor is available on another site.

My company Mulhauser Consulting operates a range of websites in behavioural healthcare and mental health, general human and animal health, finance and investments, and technology. We also work with a strictly limited clientele of individuals, corporations, and government organisations.

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