Smoother Sailing with the Faster Cache for WordPress

Faster Cache Plugin Options

The Faster Cache has been built with a design philosophy that specifically shuns tweaker’s bloat, the malady afflicting many caching solutions that come laden with a kitchen sink’s worth of options that would be better tweaked elsewhere.

If you like plugins that stick to their primary job, and if you appreciate configurability that matters to performance and user convenience — and that actually belongs in a plugin dedicated to caching — then the Faster Cache might be for you.

The plugin’s main dashboard provides the performance monitoring and ACE status figures described separately (“Adaptive Cache Expiry”), as well as a basic fixed cache expiry setting for use where cache adaptation is not required (for example, on a site with content that rarely or never changes).

The plugin can be used successfully without ever configuring anything else except that one number and without ever visiting its other admin pages; a user who didn’t even configure that much — and simply left the default value in place — would still enjoy all the immediate benefits of using a file-based cache. (In fact, as every plugin author knows, it is super-easy to remove options altogether: it would be easy just to eliminate nearly all of this plugin’s options, leaving the plugin to function all the time using its built-in default values.)

However, for those who wish to do so, the advanced settings page and advanced cookie-based exclusions allow fine tuning that can make a significant difference to the experience of the site’s end users; see below for details on each section of those additional settings.

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