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Faster Cache Plugin Options – Adaptive Cache Expiry

The Faster Cache can either expire cache files on a simple regular interval, or it can adapt expiry to the level of update activity occurring on your site.

Enable Adaptive Cache Expiry?

With Adaptive Cache Expiry enabled, the plugin will keep track of the timing of events which cause individual cache pages to be expired — such as publishing a page or posting a comment — and when these events occur relatively less often, it will progressively extend the life of the cache in order to keep more of your pages cached. When an event relevant to the cache does occur, it will reset the adaptation back to the base expiry interval you have set on the plugin’s basic configuration page. If your blog is very frequently updated (relative to your specified base expiry interval) Adaptive Cache Expiry is unlikely to be helpful. However, if there are periods during which your blog is less frequently updated (relative to the base interval), Adaptive Cache Expiry can offer very substantial improvements in cache hit rates.


  • Yes — Adapt the Rate of Cache Expiry
  • No — Use Fixed Cache Expiry Interval

Maximum Adaptive Expiry Interval?

When Adaptive Cache Expiry is enabled, you can specify the highest acceptable cache expiry interval before the adaptation process is suspended. For example, if you have specified a base expiry interval of 60 minutes, a maximum expiry interval of 1440 minutes would mean the plugin will progressively extend the cache life during periods of low update activity until it reaches a maximum of 1440 minutes (24 hours).


  • Maximum Expiry Interval, in Minutes, for Adaptive Cache Expiry (Must Be Greater Than Base Expiry Interval)

Adaptive Cache Expiry Aggressiveness

If you’ve enabled Adaptive Cache Expiry, you can also specify how aggressive the plugin should be in adapting to lower levels of update activity on your blog. More aggressive adaptation means the plugin will rapidly move to the longest expiry interval you have specified, while more gradual adaptation means the plugin will extend the cache expiry interval more slowly.


  • Aggressive Adaptation Rate
  • Medium Adaptation Rate
  • Gradual Adaptation Rate

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