Smoother Sailing with the Faster Cache for WordPress

Faster Cache Plugin Options – Clearing Data

The faster cache provides several options for clearing the cache and stored performance data.

Clear the Cache Now?

You can set the option below to expire all your cache files as soon as you submit this page. (Note that if you have performance monitoring enabled, then a portion of your cache will be immediately rebuilt as a result of pages being requested again during the monitoring process.)


  • Yes — Clear the Cache Right Now

Clear Historical Performance Data Now?

You can set the option below to clear all historical performance data as soon as you submit this page.


  • Yes — Clear Historical Performance Data Right Now

Clear Cache Upon Deactivation?

By default, cache files are left in place when you deactivate this plugin. That way, a momentary deactivation — such as when using WordPress’s built-in plugin upgrade facility — won’t result in an empty cache. However, if you’d prefer that the plugin clean up after itself by erasing cache files upon deactivation — which is better if you intend to leave it deactivated for a longer time — then you can enable this below.


  • Yes — Clear the Cache When this Plugin is Deactivated

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