Smoother Sailing with the Faster Cache for WordPress

Faster Cache Plugin Options – Performance Monitoring

If you’d like the Faster Cache to collect performance data every so often when a cache file is deleted — by conducting a load time test before and after deletion — you can specify that here.

Collect Performance Data?

Note that collecting performance data for a given cache file deletion will generate two requests for that page — one for the cached page and one for the page as generated on-the-fly by WordPress. Obviously, those two extra requests will add to server load and also inflate the total number of page views served. (Generally speaking, this will have no impact on page views reported by advertising systems, since no further resources are loaded by this plugin except for the page code itself.)


  • Yes — Collect Performance Data
  • No — Don’t Collect Data

How Frequently Should Performance Data Be Collected?

If you’ve enabled the collection of peformance data, you can specify what percentage of the time a cache file deletion will be accompanied by a performance test.


  • 100% — Use for Testing Only!
  • 10% (1 in 10)
  • 1% (1 in 100)
  • .1% (1 in 1000)
  • .01% (1 in 10,000)
  • .001% (1 in 100,000)
  • .00001% (1 in 1 million)

Performance Update Interval

By default, the Faster Cache will wait until it has collected 15 samples of performance data before updating historical performance information. This helps smooth out inevitable variation in server response time that can occur due to a very wide range of extraneous factors. You can adjust adjust this interval below.


  • Number of Sample Runs to Collect Before Updating Historical Performance Data (Recommended: 15 or Higher)

Magnify Performance Graph By Beginning Higher?

In most cases, performance improvements due to the cache will display ceiling effects, meaning they will cluster in the upper part of the measurable range. If you find it more useful to magnify the performance display so the bar graphs cover only a subset of the full 0% to 100% range, you can enter the lower end of your prefererd range here. For example, if performance on your site tends to be at or above 98%, you could show just the top 2% of the performance range by entering 98 in the field below.


  • Lower End of the Range, in Percent, to Show in Performance Graphs (Enter 0 to Show Full 0% to 100%)

Show Real Time Cache Size?

By default, the Faster Cache will only calculate the size of the cache while checking for expired cache files. This means that the cache size information shown with the performance information will be accurate only up to the time of the last regular check for expired files. If you prefer up-to-the-second information, you can set it to calculate the current size each time this admin page is visited. This will cause a delay in loading the admin panel as the cache data are collated.


  • Yes — Calculate the Cache Size in Real Time for Each Admin Visit
  • No — Just Calculate Cache Size During an Expiry Run

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